Understanding the sacred language of the "3rd EYE " to express DIVINE SIGHT - (Part1)

Understanding the sacred language of the "3rd EYE " to express DIVINE SIGHT - (Part1) from youtube by Ma Nithya Devi
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Understanding the sacred language of the "3rd EYE" to express DIVINE SIGHT - (Part1)
His Holiness Bhagwan Paramahamsa Nithyananda, also known as "Swamiji" to his beloved devotees, disciples & followers is revered as a rare living Incarnation & Enlightened Master who has gifted humanity with numerous treasures of enlightenment one of which is the Third Eye Awakening . The Master offers this initiation through unparalleled programs such as INNER AWAKENING , Nithyanandoham & Shivoham ( duration -21 days) ! 3rd Eye is an important power which is stored in every human being.It is a possibility in every human being,we need to awaken it,we need to make it as reality.

All the extraordinary traditions,mystical traditions,spiritual traditions continuously work on awakening the 3rd Eye. 3rd Eye is awakened the moment you start giving attention to it.3rd Eye is not just extraordinary power it is extraordinary way of Life.Don’t think it is a power you can posses it and use it for your ulterior motives.It is extraordinary way of Life through which you inspire everyone for the ultimate motive.When you keep anything for yourself for selfishness it is your ulterior motive.When you share with the world it is ultimate motive.

Swamiji says " Seeing is an important aspect of Life.Life starts with seeing, even blind people continue to see in their innerspace.Whether you are blind or having physical eyes you continue to see through your inner eyes. 3rd Eye is nothing but conscious seeing. 3rd Eye awakens your non mechanical parts of the brain,helps you to experience extraordinary powers like Telepathy,Materialization, Teleportation, many of the extraordinary powers. The concept of 3rd Eye is the unique contribution of Vedic Tradition.All the Hindu Gods if you see you will see them with three Eye.It means only if your 3rd Eye is awakened you can become God not otherwise.Hindus have worked so much on 3rd Eye.Even if you are born as Hindu the possibility for opening your 3rd Eye is already there because our ancestors have worked on 3rd Eye for ages. In very DNA opening possibility of 3rd Eye is programmed because for ages our ancestors are keeping the bindi,processed turmeric on the 3rd Eye continuously working to awaken it."

Stay tuned to the all the videos in the "3rd Eye" series from Nithyananda Yogic Sciences! If you are a 3rd eye initiated devotee, disciple, use the completion techniques given on these video series to enjoy expressing the incredible gift of divine vision through the initiation (deeksha) of Bhagwan Paramahamsa Nithyananda . Keep life simplified & powerful !