Unboxing 5000 Magic Cards bought on EBAY! **Part 3** Got scammed?

Unboxing 5000 Magic Cards bought on EBAY! **Part 3** Got scammed? from youtube by Value Hunter
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Hey Guys!

Here we go! The Final Part of this Season! Lets see what is hidden in the collectors Album I bought !!

A lot of you really liked my "Treasure Box Hunting" videos, so I decided to buy another collection and show you more of it!
Therefore I bought a collection on ebay which contains more than 5000 Cards - including a copy of scalding Tarn and a foil Tasigur.

Join me and lets see what else is hidden in this "treasure Box"!

enjoy :-*


1. New Content is on its way !

Thank you guys ! 500 Subsrcribers...Keep it coming !!

These are the things I improved for this video:

1. Shortenend the intro
2. Reworked the Outro
3. New Fonts and Music (how do you like it?!)
4.New Flashback Intro... and jeah I love Supernatural

Besides of that, here are my sources for the Card prices:

USD : http://www.mtgprice.com/
EU : https://www.magiccardmarket.eu/


Here is th Decklist for the Legacy Combo Deck "False Cure":


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Trash Info:
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