The $99 Obsidian 3D Printer // Kickstarter Pre-Review

The $99 Obsidian 3D Printer // Kickstarter Pre-Review from youtube by Make Anything // 3D Printing Channel
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Kodama, makers of the praised Trinus 3D printer are hoping to bring high quality 3D printing to the masses for a fraction of the price. I got to play around with a prototype for a couple of days and, well, just check out the results yourself! To learn more and to get notified about when the Kickstarter goes live, visit their official website here :

I will link to the Kickstarter when it's live in a few days.

*CORRECTION* The lowest tier Obsidian will be upgrade ready for the heated bed, but it does not come included with the $99, it also WILL have the same plastic housing.