ROBLOX - Innovation Research Labs-The Core Freezes?!

ROBLOX - Innovation Research Labs-The Core Freezes?! from youtube by pumpings
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This is ROBLOX Innovation Research Labs I have tested and the core does not freeze DX | **Updates are planned. Join Innovation to keep up-to-date with them!**\nThis game now has anti-gravity hover cars built and coded by NWSpacek! Find them opposite th
centrifuge room, remember to thumbs up! \nJoin Innovation:\nSecurity Group (CLICKING JOIN ONLY SUBMITS A JOIN REQUEST):\n\nWelcome to Innovation Labs, explore our giant underground facility and gaze upon the cutting edge of science research on ROBLOX, from physics to genetics, from lasers to waffles, there is always interesting and dangerous research to be done.\n\n Visit this place at\n\nFor more games visit