My True Self (Self Portraits)

My True Self (Self Portraits) from youtube by Heather Rooney
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In our globalized culture, we are over saturated by images of women that continually define and redefine beauty. This standard causes many women to feel pressured to fit into this archetype. In my drawing series, My True Self, I repeatedly render my self-portrait in various states of make up. My photorealistic process and the time it takes to attain “perfection” parallels to the process of a woman striving to perfect her face. At the center of this installation is a portrait of my face, unadorned. The larger scale of this portrait provides a hierarchy to what I believe to be a more honest depiction of my true self.

Music by Tony Anderson:

"Dreams and Visions"
"Svay Pak"

Medium: Caran d'Ache luminance colored pencils

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