John busted for prostitution demands refund from sex worker because she had bad breath

John busted for prostitution demands refund from sex worker because she had bad breath from dailymotion by TomoNews US
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This is Mr. Jiang. A lonely 63-year-old in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei. He spends a lot of time trawling through prostitution sites.

Jiang recently stumbled across a hottie on one of the sites he frequents and was willing to drop US$150 to spend time with this lady of the night. When she eventually showed up, however, he discovered that the photo she had up on the site was probably Photoshopped.

Owing to her disgustingly bad breath and missing teeth, he also guessed she was a heavy chewer of betel, a nut whose byproduct isn’t just a mild high, but also some seriously raw halitosis.

Attempting to keep his nose as far away from the stench emanating from her mouth, Jiang settled on getting a blowie, but seeing as she was so bad at it, he changed his mind and begged for a handie instead.

Sadly, for poor ol’ Jiang, while his tale did reach a climax, it likely wasn’t the kind he had anticipated. Police busted the dirty old man before he could finish his business.

Not content with the prostitute’s service, Jiang, who expected to be hit with a fine by police, demanded the woman returned his $150 because she had falsely advertised her wares and also because her handies and blowies suck.


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