I am quitting Youtube...

I am quitting Youtube... from youtube by KARIM
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I am sorry. This was very hard to edit. I edited it as much as I can to get the message across. I love you all and thank you for all the wonderful memories and amazing times. I hope our paths cross once again in the future. I loved Youtube so much and always hoped it would be a stepping stone into the entertainment world and finally into Hollywood. It was and I was halfway there. Many great things came from Youtube. This I would have not have gotten otherwise than making Youtube videos to entertain people. So now I am broken and I don't know what to do, but the choice have been made. I will be deleting everything of mine, all my social media and everything that screams AREWEFAMOUSNOW. Always peace love and unity. Goodbye and so long.

I have tried for so long to be strong I
am never giving up though I'm
not showing this in a great way
quitting is the only answer
Youtube I will always love you.

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Oh you scrolled all the way down here? Well good, now you know that this is fake and an April Fools joke ;)