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Extremely Rare Species from youtube by Epic Wildlife
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Human Teeth on Rare Animal Species? This strange deep sea squid creature is so rare that only once has every been caught in history.

It's scientific name is promachoteuthis sulcus and it's not a fish species, but a squid.

Have you ever seen the sea monster version of an old man with dentures?,Well, here it is. Actually, this is an extremely rare squid with a very unique adaptation.

The catch is, only 1 of these promachoteuthis sulcus squid have ever been caught so we know next to nothing about them.

This one, was surprisingly tangled up in a net by German scientists in the deep waters of the Southern Atlantic ocean in 2007. And since then another one of these squid haven’t been seen again.

Scientist can only guess why they developed this strange looking feature, ,stay tuned, later I’ll tell you what they actually are, hint, they’re not really teeth.

One thing is for sure though, from certain angles this girl looks like more like something from the Gradius 3 video game then it looks like a squid. Which leads me to believe that this rare breed could have had a different name than "promachoteuthis sulcus".

Yes I did say girl. What scientists have figured out is that it was an immature female and it’s mantle was only 1 inch long. The MANTLE is the outside body of the squid which fits like a hat over the real body.

Though she may have been small it doesn’t mean a fully grown adult would be. Their max size is anyone’s guess.

What’s not a guess is what the teeth looking adaptation is. It turns out their not teeth at all. Their actually lips. These lips cover the opening that leads to the squid’s beak.

he beak is the portion of the squid which allows it to eat mollusks and other hard food and looks like, you guessed it, a birds beak.

Meet the Vampire Squid http://youtu.be/mE0iqcVslXM

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