Eksperimentas VERTIMAS / Experiment TRANSLATION

Eksperimentas VERTIMAS / Experiment TRANSLATION from youtube by Lietuvos žmogaus teisių centras
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This is a video experiment dedicated to promote our newly launched website www.svetimageda.lt (in Lithuanian only). The website is a digital “handbook”, full of advices on how all of us can react to racial, homophobic, other kind of bullying and hate speech not only online, but also in mass media, on the streets, at schools, work, etc.

How was the experiment made? We invited people (not professional actors) to participate in a casting for an ad. In advance, we gave no specifics on what the ad would be about. When they had arrived, we asked them to wait a second in our waiting room. They had no clue the waiting room was in fact fake, and we were filming them already there with our hidden cameras.

What happened next - watch in the video (in English).

NOTE: All the people exposed in the video have given us a permition to do so. Parents of the child were informed prior the experiment.

For the experiment we thank the video-making crew:

Idea: Dangiras Bugas, Rokas Tarabilda
Producer: Rūta Bučiūnaitė
Director: Mindaugas Sruogius
Director of photography: Audrius Budrys
Set design: Dalia Dūdėnaitė, Domas Butkus
Sound: Ignas Mateika
Music: Vainius Sodeika
Post-production: Rokas Šydeikis
Title design: Martynas Kazimierėnas