Disney Pixar Toy Story Slinky Dog Plush kids playing with review

Disney Pixar Toy Story Slinky Dog Plush kids playing with review from youtube by REVIEW TIME!!
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It was much bigger than expected. It was also very very soft. It squishes in a lot when you press your finger into it. Perfect for babies to snuggle and cuddle with. The dog has slinky coils in the midsection, but the actual springiness is controlled with a elastic band that runs through the middle of the slinky connecting the head and butt. The tail has a nice feature that allows it to be bent and hold a specific shape. The thing I did not like about it the most was that it can't stand on its own when taken out of the package. It falls over almost always. This is a good toy if your toddler likes to cuddle with soft animals and likes toy story. Otherwise there's not much that it can do. It can't stand up, it can't talk. I think it's supposed to walk if you attach a cord to the loophole at the front of the collar, but I couldn't see how that feature would work. I tested it by just pulling with my finger and it of course just kept falling over. My 2 and 4 year old had little interest in it after the initial curiosity. They just liked to throw it in the air and watch it flop down to the ground and laugh. It is an impressive toy size-wise and great likeness of its movie counter-part.