Delta Official Music Video by Indie Artist Kiravell

Delta Official Music Video by Indie Artist Kiravell from youtube by M Kiravell
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Original music and video for Delta by Kiravell. Delta is taken from the record Vaudevellia! out as of July 27, 2015

Description: Jazzy indie number about connecting with your soul mate after ages. Music video features a group of artist sailing around mission bay reminiscing their time together.

Lay me down
It’s all I ask you friend
One last time

down our sail
We're going over
-around again
Feel this breeze
on your skin
It's only for you friend

Travellin far
round the bend
Waiting till we meet again
You've come from far
Hardly changed
It’s how I remember this place

Leaves have turned
Before they fall
Let’s dance and sing
like last time

One last dance
Before we part
And did i thank you from my heart
For every dream you made real
It’s all could have...hoped for

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