Crocodile Attack: Keeper Bitten By Angry Reptile

Crocodile Attack: Keeper Bitten By Angry Reptile from dailymotion by Barcroft TV
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A crocodile keeper had a lucky escape when he was attacked by one of his huge reptiles. Peter Watson, 73, runs Crocodile Creek in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - home to 9000 of the dangerous beasts. The experienced keeper was using a stick to move a female croc away from her eggs when she suddenly attacked him. The protective female grabbed Peter’s leg with her jaws and shook him violently by the foot. Luckily, the shocked camera crew who were filming the keeper’s interaction with the wild animal, scared off the angry crocodile. Peter lost a toenail in the encounter and needed stitches in the injured foot – but was back at work with his toothy companions the next day.

Footage: Earth Touch
Producer: Amanda Stringfellow
Editor: Jack Stevens