15 SCARIEST WATER SLIDES (You Won't Believe Exist!)

15 SCARIEST WATER SLIDES (You Won't Believe Exist!) from youtube by Top 5 Best
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Water Slides - These are the 15 scariest water slides / waterslides you won't believe exist! Water slides are found at water parks, and some water slides are scary! The scariest water slides can be found in this video, only on top 5 best! We hope you enjoy watching the 15 scariest water slides you won't believe actually exist!

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Transcript: 40 Insane Waterslides That You Have To See To Believe

Waterslides across the world bring about a day of splashing and sliding, as riders launch themselves into tubes and chutes that carry them through tunnels, turns, and spins. Waterslides have been bringing joy and thrills for generations to park goers of all ages. Today, waterparks can be found outdoors to be enjoyed on a hot summer day, indoors for the winter months, or even on cruise ships for sea travellers.

1. Leap of Faith at Aquaventure at Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas
Riders are taken down a 60 foot slide, plunging at the end into a clear tube in water surrounded by Nurse and Reef sharks for an exciting finish.

2. Brain Wash at Wet N Wild in Orlando
Riders are piled into a raft and experience a 53 foot drop, followed by sliding into a 65 foot domed funnel, complete with lights and sounds for added effects.

3. Aqua Drag Racer at Wet N Wild in Orlando
Four riders are sent racing down this waterslide track head first for one of the most thrilling races they will experience.

4. Boeing 747 100 at Wings and Waves Water Park in McMinnville, Oregon
Riders launch out of a real Boeing 747 plane that has been converted into a waterslide to combine the excitement of airplanes and waterslides together in this educational and unique waterpark.

5. Twister and Speedy at Sonnentherme Thermal Spa in Austria
At 440 feet tall, this waterslide sends riders through tunnels of endless loops and turns before dropping them into the end pool.

6. Toboggan in Citta Del Mare Holiday Village in Italy
This waterslide is surrounded with beautiful scenery, sending its riders plummeting directly into the sea.

7. Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai
Between the length and the velocity, this slide takes riders down at speeds of thrilling 80 miles per hour, guaranteed to get everyone’s hearts pumping.

8. Verruckt at Schlitterbahn in Kansas City
The German translation for this waterslide means “Insane,” a very fitting name as riders are sent down a 17 story vertical drop.

9. Happy Magic Water Cube in Beijing, China
After the 2008 Olympics, the Aquatic Center was repurposed to create this magical water park where park goers are surrounded by colorful lights, sounds, and thrilling slides.

10. Scorpions Tail at Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells
Atop a 10 story tower, riders will have the floor drop out from beneath them, sending them into chutes that bring them through wild twists and turns.

11. Master Blast at Atlantis Palm Resort in Dubai
Riders sit in a raft, propelled through chutes and tunnels by water jets that take riders both up and down the waterslide.

12. Epic Plunge on the Norwegian Cruise Line
Riders launch themselves through tubes that bring them through twists and turns, jutting out over the ocean at times, before dropping them into the first deck pool for an exciting adventure.

13. King Cobra at Six Flags in New Jersey
This 60 foot raft racer sends two riders lunging down the slide at top speeds, ending in the mouth of the cobra where the riders glide to the finish.

14. Bullet Bowl at Water Cube in Beijing, China
While this may be the smallest of bullets and funnels, the small size sends riders down at top speeds that can’t be beat.

15. Insano at Beach Park in Brazil
At 130 feet tall, Insano is the tallest waterslide in the world, where riders plummet at top speeds at such a steep velocity that riders’ bodies don’t touch the slide until they’ve reached the bottom.

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