15 Men You Won't Believe Exist

15 Men You Won't Believe Exist from youtube by The Cyber Archive
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15 Men You Won't Believe Exist. From world record holding men with weird bodies, to men with massive giant biceps, here are 15 men you won't believe actually exist.

This list of 15 Men You Won't Believe Exist includes:

Lucky Diamond Rich – World's most tattooed man,
Rolf Buchholz – Most pierced man in the world,
Melvin Boothe – Man with the longest fingernails,
Dede Koswara – Tree man,
Francisco Domingo Joaquim – Biggest mouth in the world,
Nick Stoeberl – World's longest tongue,
Byron Schlenker – Widest tongue in the world,
Daniel Browning Smith – The Rubberboy contortionist,
Garry Turner – Stretchiest skin in the world,
Patrick Deuel – Heaviest man in the world,
Chandra Bahadur Dangi – Shortest man in the world,
Sultan Kosen – World's tallest man,
Paul Karason – Skin turned blue like Papa Smurf,
Yu Zhenhuan – Hairiest man in the world,
Arlindo de Souza – Largest muscles.

15 Women You Won't Believe Exist - http://youtu.be/BcEOMS9bDd0

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